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I said to my soul,
Be still, and wait,
So the darkness shall be the light,
And the stillness the dancing.

- T.S. Eliot


My aim is to help students achieve a state of being from which their body is able to heal itself, returning to a natural balance as quickly as possible: For minor aches and pains to disappear; to resolve the cause of persistent headaches; to become aware of habits leading to muscular pain and injury; to alleviate pain or distress from illness and disease.

My work in itself should not be considered as healing, but together we will work to take responsibility for our being and enable the natural healing processes of the body and mind.


In addition to the physical aspects of our body-use, we must consider the balance and well-being of our mind. My work helps students to achieve an inner stillness, from which we learn to breathe and apply movement. This results in an overall harmony, unifying mind and body, giving us space to deal with the challenges life sets before us.
We develop an openness to our inner voices, our feelings and movements in relationship to others, requiring only the willingness to listen and to experiment.


From time spent traveling through to the manner in which I structure my business and deal with my clients, living in an ethical fashion has always been important to me.
Fairness and neutrality of one's thoughts and feelings are the most important elements.
It does not matter who we are or where we come from or have been. We think about our planet as we think about our own bodies, our dreams, our families and our groups or community.


Giorgina Pontet

Healing · Supportive · Ethical


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