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"There is in all things an inexhaustible sweetness of purity,
A silence that is a fountain of action and joy.
It rises up in a wordless gentleness
and flows out to each of us
from the unseen roots of all created being."

- Thomas Merton.

What is Time Therapy?

Time Therapy teaches us how to focus on the positive aspects of our life rather than the difficulties we experience. As such, it is a more internal, meditative process which complements both Alexander Technique and Shiatsu massage.

We don't look to the cause of the problem, but learn how to be with the feelings that prevent our true qualities from manifesting.

Through meditation techniques we learn to allow our feelings to come through and we observe them in stillness, without reaction, in a de-personalised fashion.

Stillness is the ruler of movement. To be still is to become aware of the energy field. For true awareness we need relationships with-in and with-out ourself. These are built by learning to observe with direction of thought until we are able to perceive a space through which stillness takes place.

Energy is the source of life movement and information,
Awareness is our messenger to freedom,
Gravity is the root of lightness,
Breath is our soul mediator to vitality.

Inner peace simply happens when the depersonalisation process has taken place: When you stop dealing with history, when you stop taking your weakness as a personal failing, when you realise that we are all exactly the same.

Once the mind sees in this way identification ceases and there is a tremendous stillness, which is the absence of fear. Awareness is nothing other than being in touch with that which is observed by the observer.

We therefore become the observer of our life process, and we have a greater choice in how to respond to that process.

How can it help me?

Time therapy is a modern way to meditate, teaching you how to be more at peace with yourself and others.

Time therapy has been demonstrated to help with the following:

  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • a peaceful mind
  • deeper breathing
  • a quiet heart
  • personal responsibility
  • peace
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Self-control
  • Objectivity
  • Stress and anger management
  • Improved relationships
  • Tolerance and kindness
  • Balance
  • Mental clarity

Tathata I
Words of Wisdom from Manuel Schoch,
father of Time Therapy

Tathata II
Words of Wisdom from Manuel Schoch,
father of Time Therapy

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