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Joy Center Retreat
Group and individual retreats throughout August 2017
Joy Center
Joy Center
Joy Center
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Joy Center
Joy Center
Joy Center
Joy Center
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Giorgina Pontet

Healing · Supportive · Ethical


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Immerse yourself...
... in a summer retreat in the Valley of the River Pellice, Turin.

... your body, mind and spirit with new understanding.

... hands-on Alexander technique and modern meditation.

... self-care with the Alexander technique and Movement Shiatsu.

... your stress, fatigue and pain into a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Make some time for You...

Would you like to take time out to pause and reflect?

To create the space in your life to be full of energy, yet at the same time calm and peaceful?

I shall be running my annual retreat in and around the region of Val Pellice this August, to share my passion for walking in mindfulness with the Alexander Technique in the Italian Alps. Join us for what will prove to be a deeply transformative retreat, focused on creating a genuine and relaxed time for you alone or for you, your family and friends.

We will allow the flow of nature and its elements to guide us and embody our presence from within. Reaching toward the sounds of water, wind and birdsong transports us into the motion of space, challenging our relationship with it. The depth of our breath creates a pathway from the inner to the outer, we inhale the healing scent of the larch forest that fills the mountains’ walking path while the sunshine sustains our soul with its light from the clear blue sky...

Our work deepens in substance as we connect deeply through nature to our spiritual life. Moving away from the routine of life and focusing for a period of time in a present-stillness allows the expression of inner beauty and the power to transform us.

Intensive Relaxation

We all yearn for inner nourishment. To be in contemplation for an extended period of time with like-minded people is to open up to the truth within, directing our thought to the present moment.

As soon as we pause and look for an understanding of the structure of the body - an awareness of the relationship between the moving body and the self, the responsive inter-relationship between body and earth, self and environment - then all our inner and outer conflicts dissolve and we begin to flow with our life-movement. We move forward and up with ease, joy and gracefulness.

The physical health benefits of developing inner and outer integrity change the way our body and mind function; a sense of harmony is created and the healing process begins.

Whether you are new or experienced in the world of Alexander’s principle, movement shiatsu and meditation, no matter where you are in your life, this process has an amazing way of “meeting you where you are at,” and naturally guiding you to your full potential for expression.

Your only need is to be open to time and to welcoming of the unknown.

So allow yourself the space to think that you deserve. Choose your dates from the options below and together we will create a stimulating and rejuvenating timetable.

Your Residential Retreat

Over the course of the week you will explore and to get to know your “use of the self,” observe what drives you and learn how to stop and reflect upon what is your inner sense of truth. Experience your inner sensory perception come alive with direction of thought in relation to the anatomy of our physical body and by the end you will leave the valley feeling calmer, more rested, alive and inspired.

A lesson plan typically runs over 5 days, but this may be refined to suit your timetable. Lessons offer accompanied time and space to listen, to look in depth at recurring psycho-physical difficulties, and through creative, energetic bodywork find direction in times of personal development and transition.

Your Venue, The Joy Center

Set in the stunning Alpine mountains of the Val Pellice near Turin, this eco-friendly hideaway with its wonderful view, outdoor barbecue area, delicious home-cooked Italian food using ingredients fresh from the garden and served with love and care is a perfect way to relax and have the holiday you deserve - at one with nature and absorbing the fresh mountain air.

The Center is a privately owned house belonging to Francesca and Levi Gonnet, newly refurbished to host up to 12 people in independent residences. Each residence sleeps 2-4 in double or twin rooms, with family and cooking areas and en-suite bathroom.

A large communal kitchen and lounge for sharing are available within the Center itself for group and social activity.

English, French and Italian spoken.

Please visit the Joy Center web site at for more information about the Center, its facilities and the locale.

Your Retreat Options

Option 1 - Group Package With Organised Activity
Available August 2017.

Accommodation, breakfast and dinner plus full week of refreshing and intensive group retreat with daily activity.
Minimum 5, maximum 10 attendees.

During the month of August, I will be running weekly packages of intensive but relaxing time-tabled activity for groups of 5 to 10 attendees.

These day-plan packages consist of five days of activities based around the Alexander Principle and 6 nights’ accommodation with dinner, bed and breakfast at €800 per person.


  • Accommodation with breakfast and dinner.
  • All workshops for 5 full days plus welcome evening.
  • Flights to and from Turin Airport, transfer to retreat centre (see below.)
  • Any excursions to Turin or other locations in the Valley.
  • Travel / Health insurance.
A 25% deposit is requested upon booking, refundable until 8 weeks before the date of your stay, with balance payment due six weeks prior to arrival. After this date, cancellation refund will be 50% of total cost.

Option 2 - Individual and Small Group Flexible Retreats
Available August 2017.

Accommodation plus personalised lesson plan for your individual retreat.

For individuals and small groups who wish to take a flexible residence holiday with body-work. You choose your dates then together we create a timetable of walking, meditation and studio work at the Joy Center.
Accommodation should be booked directly with the Joy Center, then your Alexander Technique options are:

  • Individual lessons of 50 minutes are €65.
  • Three hour group sessions morning or afternoon, €150 (total cost) for family or groups of three.
  • Group work based upon one two hour session each day for five days, for minimum 5 persons, maximum 12 at €300 per person, discount available for groups of 10-12.
  • Please contact me if you have other requirements or ideas for your personalised retreat.

Flight Information

Suggested Flight times: At time of posting these flights are approximately £100 each way for a midweek flight with British Airways from London to Turin. There are other options with Ryan Air. It is suggested to book your flights as soon as possible, as prices go up and seats fill.

Transfers from airport can be arranged at the price of €120 approximately, with the possibility of sharing for a cheaper transfer depending upon other visitors to the Residence.
Alternatively using public transport there is a bus transfer from the airport into the centre of Turin, from where train and bus connections can be taken to the Valley. Journey time will be approximately three hours with appropriate connections.

Durante i mesi di luglio e agosto sara possibile avere l’opportunita di immergersi regolarmente nello sviluppo del movimento psicofisico con i principi della tecnica Alexander e lo shiatsu.

Saro disponibile a dare lezioni di gruppo ed individuali presso il Joy centre di Villar Pellice.-Torino.

Per informazioni telefonare Giorgina 03926335897. Lezioni possono essere sia di gruppo che individuali

La Tecnica Alexander con lo shiatsu valorizza le risorse vitali, insegna ad essere consapevoli di qualsiasi movimento venga eseguito, con lo scopo di rendere il nostro corpo più fluido e naturale, permettendo la migliore espressione secondo la potenzialita, i tempi e le modalita di ciascuno,senza sprecare energie che con il tempo possono causare indolenzimenti vari.

Quando le tensioni muscolari spariscono il corpo riesce a rilassarsi, riacquistando un equilibrio psicofisico e liberandosi dall'ansia e dallo stress. La tecnica con lo shiatsu è adatta a tutti, non ha nessuna controindicazione e può essere praticata sia dai giovani che dagli over 70.


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