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"The whirlpools of the mind
can be stilled by the breath."

- Patanjali.

Lessons in my private practice

I maintain private practices in East Twickenham and Harley Street, and also practise at Pilates Plus Studio 117, in St. Margaret's and The Maris Practice, in Twickenham.

Each of these locations provides a peaceful and relaxing environment within which the student may free themselves of daily distractions and focus on their self.

Gentle background music completes an atmosphere of calm, isolating the lesson from the surrounding day.

While I maintain "preferred" days for each of these locations, I am available at each practice on any day by private appointment and subject to prior commitments.

Please visit my "where" page for information and directions to each of these locations.

Giorgina Pontet

Healing · Supportive · Ethical


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