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"Awareness growing every day,
listening to what the body needs."

- F.M. Alexander.

Lessons in your home, office or workplace

Your days may be busy and you don't have the time to travel to my private practice - perhaps overwork is the very reason you seek relaxation and to help your body manage and overcome daily stress and fatigue.

Or perhaps you are unable to travel, prevented by injury, illness, age or a happier reason such as pregnancy.

As an alternative to your coming to Richmond or East Twickenham, I can visit you in your home, office or place of work at a time to suit your schedule.

In your home we can do floor work (Shiatsu massage is traditionally performed on a mat on the floor to allow sufficient pressure to be applied,) standing, or using a sturdy chair.

In your office or workplace you may find it beneficial to find a place where we can be free of distractions - in an office, perhaps book a meeting room with floor space and a reliable chair.

Prices and timings for lessons in your home or office will vary depending on how far I need to travel to reach you and the length of the session.

Please don't hesitate to contact me either by phone or email to discuss.


Giorgina Pontet

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