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A big event is taking place in September from the 1st to the 8th.
A full week of Alexander technique and meditation on the Pelion peninsula, in Greece.

Pelion Natural Spring
Pelion Natural Spring
Pelion Olive Grove
Pelion Olive Grove

Giorgina Pontet

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... A mythical and legendary mountain, home of the centaurs and Chiron, the wounded healer, located in Thessaly in central Greece.

Kissos Centre...
... part of the Kalikalos Holistic Network.

Exploring movement through the sensing body and the thinking mind. Learning about the philosophy of the Alexander technique we invite the dynamic of integrated balance while addressing our postural behaviour. We will learn to experience sensations through set forms of movement. The forms will encourage the physical body to open, connecting our inner feelings to our outer relationship with the environment, re-aligning our intentions and our actions. The thinking mind will respond to these forms of movement according to ingrained habitual patterns of reaction, so prior to movement we will invite the body and mind to rest. This will bring attention to the present moment and allow our awareness to develop through stopping, the use of inhibition and directed energy in movement. In this way we will challenge those habitual patterns and allow a new experience of freedom in movement to develop, freeing ourselves from patterns causing aches, pains and stress.

The group will meet for a minimum of 4 to 5 hours each day. Morning and late afternoon. Our aim is to encourage awareness, as the mind let go of preconceived ideas of how to be, the body reawaken to the present moment and the healing we seek naturally occur.

The workshop itself will consist of 20 hours of group lesson during the week, plus one to one 40 minute lesson one evening of the week after the beach at 18.15, to be scheduled with the karma yoga timetable.

Many other activities are included and the schedule to your day will be filled if you wish from 7.30 am with Qi Gong or Tal chi plus meditation. The workshop session will start at 09.45 and run to to 13.00, when there will be free beach time with picnic.

In the evening the center is filled with activities such as healing circle, dance, film, village pub and a fireside community meeting on Thursday.

Venue and Cost

The Kissos centre is the flagship location of the Kalikalos Holistic Network, set on a hillside overlooking the Aegean sea, with fruit trees, wild flowers and green forest, 25 miles from the airport of Volos (about one hour drive.)

The Kalikalos network organises alternative holidays along with a community building experience patterned after the Findhorn community of Northern Scotland. Cooperation and sustainability are the vehicle to our well being and equanimity with all.

The week will cost £450 inclusive - flight and cost of transport from airport not included.

£225 guarantees your place till 60 days before arrival, when the remainder is due. Bookings made less than 60 days beforehand must be paid in full and all payments to be made by bank transfer. Payments are only refundable until 60 days before your arrival date. All returned deposit are subject to £45 handling charges.

Other Activities, Partners and Families

Participants join in contributing to the daily rhythm of life, with 6-7 hours of Karmic yoga during your week. It includes one evening of helping cooking, tending to the organic garden or office.

If your partner or friends would like to have a holiday without attending the workshop they are most welcome. Accommodation is shared in double or triple room, accommodating 2-4 people.

Please visit the Kalikalos web site at http://www.kalikalos.com/ for more information about the Kissos Centre, facilities and the surrounding region.


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